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84th Engineer Battalion
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Frank Nyross
Jan 11 2017 3:05 AM Post #597
Location : US, Hawaii, Kailua

Years You served with 84th : 1967
Company or Attached Unit : 46th Engr Detachment
trying to determine if my 46th Engr Detachment was once D Co 84th Engrs at Qui Nhon early 1967.
We were in the Phu Tai Valley, Laterite Mountain

Dec 27 2016 19:14 PM Post #584
Location : Lafayette Indiana

Years You served with 84th : 1986/1990
Company or Attached Unit : C Co 84th Hawaii
Just saying hello, And I loved being an Engineer even though the budget was restrictive in my time. I also had an Uncle in the Engineers before me. Been a good career over the years taking skills I learned and using outside Army. Recommend Engineers to anyone. Smile
Mc Connell, Rommy
Dec 20 2016 21:13 PM Post #583
Location : Pittsburg, Texas

Years You served with 84th : 12/16/67-12/15/68
Company or Attached Unit : 84th Eng. BCo.
Felts, I was with you, Mc Carthy, Rocco and others with the 84th. I tried to call you with the number you posted, but it must have changed. I did talk to Rocco and a few others. Would be glad to hear from you. My cell-903 855 2213. Thanks-T Mc
Dec 05 2016 11:28 AM Post #582
Location : ANAMOSA

Years You served with 84th : 80-83
Company or Attached Unit : HHC & C
Other enlisted Supply personnel remembered Korlinko, Dietz, Farnsworth, Lyons, Duffy, Hall, Smith, Galliagos, Wilke, plus 2 more guys that I forgot their last name were Dean(HHC) and Maurice(C). Others most memorable were Dana Long, David Lynch, SFC Sadler, Chief Weaver & Chief Savage, CO's, XO's, 1st SGT'S
This was my first active duty station with the 84th ENGR CBT HVY and again seen them in action 04-05 while I was in Kuwait & Iraq.
John Campbell "Tank"
Nov 23 2016 2:55 AM Post #580
Location : Center City, MN

Years You served with 84th : 1970-71 Quin Yuon, Da Nang
Company or Attached Unit : HHC
Looking for anyone in the HHC Company S-4 section, under Chief Cullins on reactionary force when the package yard was hit April 1st, 1970. Please contact me at 651-257-5876. I need names to verify this incident happened.
Terry Deyo
Sep 21 2016 17:34 PM Post #577
Location : USA Seymour CT

Years You served with 84th : Feb 1970-Dec 1970
Company or Attached Unit : Co D
Ran a gun truck one of three we had.Dennis the Menace giving charlie the finger on one truck and had mini gun mounted on it. Would like to hear from others.
Gerald Wilson
Jul 30 2016 21:14 PM Post #576
Location : USA,Cal.Santa Maria

Years You served with 84th : 1964-1966
Company or Attached Unit : C com. E&M platoon
I had Basic Training at Fort Ord in March-May 1964 . Was sent to the E&M platoon, C co. 84th Eng. while they were on Desert Strike in south west California desert .May 1965 we were deployed , by ship to Vietnam . The ship was the troop carrier General Leroy Elting. The first engine blew up as we went under the Golden Gate bridge , leaving San Francisco Bay . blew the second engine on the other side of the international Dateline. A Missile tracking ship towed us back to Midway Island where we transferred to another Troop Ship Barret . 30 days to Vietnam , with three times crossing the International Dateline , we arrived at Quinhan
Andre Moreau
Jul 29 2016 20:01 PM Post #575
Location : Rockford

Years You served with 84th : 1974
Company or Attached Unit : Company C K-QUAD
Captain NAKAHARA, You SIR will always be remembered. And Steven and Mary Peterson. I wish I could find you.
Gene Hatcher
Jun 21 2016 6:18 AM Post #573
Location : USA Washington, Battle Ground

Years You served with 84th : 1969 to 1970
Company or Attached Unit : 536th
Frank Howard, this is Gene Hatcher. I remember you and was there the same time, having trouble with this email so please email me godofhorsepower@yahoo.com or call me 503-522-4314 I would like to talk very much
Ron Berelc
May 02 2016 17:56 PM Post #572
Location : Florida

Years You served with 84th : 1965-1966
Company or Attached Unit : C
Would like to talk to others that were there with me
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