84th Engineer Battalion (Construction) Vietnam

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 July 12, 2013 This might be of interest to the group.

 Three weeks ago I was part of a JPAC (Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command, Hickam, HI) mission and exploratory team as the only civilian witness in a effort to locate a bunker where two MIA’s were believed to be on a former firebase, Firebase Sarge, overlooking Highway 9 in the A Shau Valley. While I was with the 27th Combat Engr. Bn. (Camp Eagle) prior to relocating to the 84th, I designed and airlifted that bunker to Sarge for use by the 8th Radio Research Field Station (8thRRFS) based in Phu Bai. The bunker housed sensitive radio intercept and relay equipment as part of the Army Security Agency’s efforts to monitor enemy radio traffic. The two MIA’s were manning that bunker and died there on March 30, 1972 during the 1972 Easter Offensive. In the photos below the sandbags at the left of the upper left photo are part of the bunker we were looking for. In the bottom left photo the bunker is at the top left of the photo with what looks like a small window in it (actually an air conditioner opening)

  I don’t believe this area was part of the 84th area of operations that late in the war, but that might not be a true statement…after the rotation of the 27th Cbt. Engr. Bn., I believe the 84th was the only and largest Engineer Unit in Northern I Corps.

 When with the 84th, I did travel north to represent the 45th Engr. Grp. and turn over the rock quarry at Phu Loc to ARVN Engineers. As part of that assignment we flew up to Camp Eagle, then totally manned by the ARVN, but that was as far north as I got with the 84th.

Rich Kirchner
HHC, 84th Engr. Bn. - 1972