HHC & C Company 84th Engineer Battalion (Construction) Qui Nhon 1966 - 1967

  I was a clerk in the S-4 of HHC Company from April 1st, 1966 to March 27th, 1967, when I transferred out. Most of the pictures are either around the compound or in and around Qui Nhon. Also some were taken on Highway 19 going to An Khe or Ple Ku. I drove some of our CO's to both locations from time to time but do not remember the dates.

  I remember when the 4th Inf. landed at Qui Nhon and some of our people were assigned to road guard detail while the entire division landed off of their ships in the harbor and went to, (I think) some where around Ple Ku but am not exactly sure where their base camp was, I do remember there were many men and equipment heading north for about 3 days and nights straight.

  The 84th Co B was TDY at An Khe in support of the 1st Air Cav working on construction assignments such as the "Golf Corse" which was said to be the largest helicopter Pad in the world. Someone told me the 1st Air Cav Division had 466 helicopters assigned to them, and B Co was there when I arrived in 1966 and they were still there when I transferred out of Vietnam.

Headquarters May, 1966

Old tents before we had buildings



HHC - Unkown

Early 1966

Co B 84th EBC

Co B June, 1966

Movie screen

Area used by 84th as a firing range
(Behind D Co Motor Pool on Hwy One)

HQ 299th Engineers


Beach at Qui Nhon by the Airport

Beach at Qun Nhon

Highway 19 out in valley

Bridge on Highway 19 toward An Khe fall 1966

Looking towards the mountain

Looking towards the EM Club Tent area

ARVN Check Point

ROK on Patrol

Air Med Evac Choppers Qui Nhon

Budist Temple Qun Nhon

Catholic Church on Highway 19

Park down toward Lepper Colony

Wood Chopper

Commanding Generals House
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