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84th Engineer Battalion
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Roger Collis
May 21 2012 6:48 AM Post #364
Location : LaFayette, Ga

Years You served with 84th : 67-68
Company or Attached Unit : D Co.
To Glenn Gowen, have you tried to contact Charles Begley? He has a roster of every one that was in B Co. and shipped over in Apr.67. I was in B Co. Heavy Equipment Section until being assigned to D Co. 84th Engr Bn around jun. 67. You can contact me at roger.collis@rocketmail.com
John Wojciechowski
May 19 2012 21:31 PM Post #363
Location : Devils Lake, ND

Years You served with 84th : 1970
Company or Attached Unit : A Co., 84th Bn
Very Happy Great to see familiar names. I was a dump truck driver.
I got pictures I'd like to share, but ain't sure how to get old photos into a disc to forward.
Especially hi to Dell Weeks, and Virgil Wuaneka.
Vaughn D. Turco
Apr 30 2012 5:48 AM Post #360
Location : U.S. Vermont, Windsor

Years You served with 84th : 1969-1970
Company or Attached Unit : B Company 84th
I was a heavy equiptment operator in support of the Bongson Bridge and the 505 road project.
Lavern Goodling
Apr 19 2012 5:58 AM Post #359
Location : Hummelstown pa.

Years You served with 84th : Aug. 66 to Aug. 67
Company or Attached Unit : D Co.
Can any one remember what happed to the quart beer bottle we had our names edtched on if we chugged a quart of beer while standing on the edge of a bench. I would like to see it again.
Kenneth Weishaar
Apr 18 2012 7:14 AM Post #358
Location : Bismarck, ND

Years You served with 84th : 10/10/65 to 1/10/67
Company or Attached Unit : C Company
Was a grader operator with C Company. Worked on 2 different airstrips at AnKhe, the road up Signal Mountain at Qui Nhon and was a member of Operation Duke at Bong Son and many other projects. Would be nice to hear from some of the guys who were there when I was.
james braun
Apr 15 2012 20:52 PM Post #357
Location : cape corl florida

Years You served with 84th : 64 65 66
Company or Attached Unit : b
I was on the eltinge and an khe when all it was was the sf camp. layed psp over the old french air strip. Nothing was there yet but a platoon from b company
Kevin Patterson
Jan 08 2012 6:44 AM Post #307
Location : Boston, MA

Years You served with 84th : Mar - Nov 1970
Company or Attached Unit : 84th HHC
I was assigned to the 84th HHC at Camp Williams from March to Sept. 1970. I worked out of S4 Hill and delivered rations to HHC, A, C, & D companies. Assigned to DaNang from Sept to Nov. 1970 in preparation for the 84th's eventual move. Thanks for this great site where the 84th lives on!
RON Newellcool
Dec 16 2011 5:31 AM Post #246
Location : USA Fla.Port St. J OHN 66 67

Years You served with 84th : 66 67
Company or Attached Unit : C Co. E.M. Plt.
Grader operator a lifetime ago Cool
Jim Licari
Nov 22 2011 19:56 PM Post #223
Location : Waterloo, WI

Years You served with 84th : 1
Company or Attached Unit : HHC
HHC commo, 67-68. Looking for info on Lt. Amador, Bob Pajek, SSG Jenks. Anyone on the outpost on TET
Douglas Laurie
Nov 11 2011 3:38 AM Post #205
Location : Mebane, NC

Years You served with 84th : 1967-68
Company or Attached Unit : 1st APU
I ran the small Army Post Office in lived with A Company 84th Eng in Phu Thi in 67-68
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