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84th Engineer Battalion
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Bob Damiani
Nov 07 2011 15:56 PM Post #204
Location : taylor,Mich

Years You served with 84th : 66/67
Company or Attached Unit : HHC/CoA
Hi I served from 66/67, If any has information about Francis Hickey from Brooklyn,N.Y. please let me know
Oct 13 2011 2:21 AM Post #195
Location : Florida

Years You served with 84th : Nov '69, Oct '70
Company or Attached Unit : Qui Nhon, Charlie Co. 84th Engr.
84th Engr. 937th, C Co. 2nd barracks from the EM (Beer) club. Nov 69, Oct 70. Gun Truck Driver. The FUGITIVES. Also built it. Looking for anyone who was a part of that experience or knew me and has pics of the truck. Went alot of places, delivered alot of equipment and seen alot of dead things. Also drank alot of beer and what not. I think we were all just alittle south of hell in this one. Love the site and copied some great pics. Check out the Pics I posted. Have more that I have to add.
john wagner
Sep 04 2011 18:57 PM Post #193

Years You served with 84th : 70-71
Company or Attached Unit : HHc
Does anyone have any pics of the 84th NCO club or the 80th general support group "Beachclub"?
John Dixon
Aug 13 2011 10:19 AM Post #188
Location : Wilmer, Al USA

Years You served with 84th : Feb 71 to Jan 72
Company or Attached Unit : B CoR
To Charlie Miller, Are you the driver that found the frag in the gas tank of the C O's jeep.
Charlie Miller
Jul 23 2011 21:27 PM Post #187
Location : USA, MD, Columbia

Years You served with 84th : Dec. 70 - Dec. 71
Company or Attached Unit : Co. B
Looking to share recollections of our time in Nam with guys who served with me. Got there in time to see the Bob Hope show at Freedom Hill in 1970. Got to sit next to Admiral McCain. Also got to see the Billie Bird show when it came through our area. Was stationed just south of China Beach next to the orphanage and near the air base at Marble Mountain. Saw the chopper crash on the beach and helped get the pilot and others out. Still have the article from Stars and Stripes in anyone needs a copy. Was also there when Captain Cordon and the others lost there lives on May 2, 1971 as well as when Cliff Hosten lost his after Typhoon Hester. Our company lost more lives (6) in 1971 then the rest of the years it was in Nam put together. Tragic and unfortunate. I was fortunate enough to be one of a handful of people who served as Captain cordon's Jeep driver. Spent time at Fire Base Baldy and also was attached to a unit doing roadwork up here the DMZ. If you have pictures or memories please contact me.
Andrew Imperato
Jun 25 2011 3:07 AM Post #185

Years You served with 84th : February 1967 - February 1968
Company or Attached Unit : A Co.
Looking for anyone that was in my unit...
Richard Glenn Pearsall
Jun 21 2011 11:21 AM Post #184
Location : USA

Years You served with 84th : 9 months
Company or Attached Unit : 513th DT
I arrived as a replacement in Apr. 1968. While overnight at HHC. That night the sirens went off and the supply sgt came to get us and said don't worry the VC are trying to blow up the JP 4 Tanks, and every thing will be okay. WELCOME TO VIETNAM!
Louis Morales
Jun 01 2011 11:23 AM Post #181
Location : Bronx, N.Y. 10462

Years You served with 84th : May70 to Apirl71
Company or Attached Unit : HQ. Company
I was with Hq. Company 31B20 field radio mech. Very Happy Laughing
john Taylor
Mar 15 2011 1:58 AM Post #177
Location : Dunbar, WV

Years You served with 84th : 70-71
Company or Attached Unit : A Company Inspection Section
Very Happy Hey everyone. I am back on line. I am glad to see that some of my photos are still posted. Give me a shout.
Louis Olvitt
Feb 08 2011 8:51 AM Post #176
Location : Wisconsin

Years You served with 84th : 1968 and 1969
Company or Attached Unit : D co
Looking for folks I served with in Viet Nam 1968 and again 1969 D co. 84 Eng. Const (Heavy)
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