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84th Engineer Battalion
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Jim Knudsen
Apr 07 2010 6:35 AM Post #157
Location : USA, Hayden Lake, ID

Years You served with 84th : 66/67
Company or Attached Unit : B
I'm in contact with David Hammersley, and also I ran into Richard Fought when I worked on the Alaska, Pipeline, both guys were in Viet Nam both in the 84th

Mike Wilder
Mar 13 2010 1:21 AM Post #156
Location : Golden Valley AZ

Years You served with 84th : 25 Oct 67 - 10 Apr 68
Company or Attached Unit : 513 (DT)
Great WEB Site
David Welch
Mar 09 2010 7:40 AM Post #155
Location : Bethalto,IL

Years You served with 84th : 69/70
Dozer operator. Worked on the Bong Son bridge. One of my best buddies was George Ellis from Cal.
Richard Williams
Jan 27 2010 22:09 PM Post #152
Location : Sussex, NJ 07461

Years You served with 84th : 66-67
Company or Attached Unit : A Company
I am looking for anyone who remembers the Christmas Truce 1966 Dec. 27th. - Viet Cong broke through the perimeter. We had to fix bayonets for hand to hand combat. Baxter was killed in rock quarry - rock blast killed him outside the back gate of AnKhe. With me were James Schultz, Martin Havers, Sanders and Wright. Please contact me @ rwilliamsnam6667@aol.com or call me on my cell @ 973-903-3910. Thank you, Richie
Jerry Thomas
Jan 15 2010 12:04 PM Post #148
Location : USA-Jacksonville, AL

Years You served with 84th : 71-72
Company or Attached Unit : Company B, 84th Engineer, 45th group
I served in Vietnam 71-72. LZ Baldy-Typhoon Hester.
Rance Jurevwicz, Capt., USA, Ret
Jan 02 2010 4:38 AM Post #147
Location : Highland, CA

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Tim Cartwright
Nov 21 2009 5:59 AM Post #145
Location : Elsinore UT

Years You served with 84th : 69-70
Company or Attached Unit : 536th
Welder at Quin Yon pier,then went to Bong Son to build a bridge.
Rember the MUD?
H. Brown building catwalk for crane to drive batter piling.
micheal dimmick
Nov 15 2009 7:58 AM Post #144
Location : bellaire, ohio

Years You served with 84th : 2
Company or Attached Unit : c-company
looking for other members of c- company, 1968-1970
Tyson Johnson
Oct 17 2009 6:45 AM Post #114
Location : Middlesboro,Kentucky

Years You served with 84th : 68-69
Company or Attached Unit : 84 th A company
I worked in the Rock querrie Dozer operator.
It would be good to hear from someone who was there when I was.
Robert Robinson
Oct 12 2009 18:01 PM Post #103
Location : Sebring,FL.USA

Years You served with 84th : 1969-1970
Company or Attached Unit : Bco.84th EBC
Drove the ration truck and fuel truck when I wasn't
taking pictures or duffing off.
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