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84th Engineer Battalion
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Gerald Wilson
Jul 30 2016 21:14 PM Post #576
Location : USA,Cal.Santa Maria

Years You served with 84th : 1964-1966
Company or Attached Unit : C com. E&M platoon
I had Basic Training at Fort Ord in March-May 1964 . Was sent to the E&M platoon, C co. 84th Eng. while they were on Desert Strike in south west California desert .May 1965 we were deployed , by ship to Vietnam . The ship was the troop carrier General Leroy Elting. The first engine blew up as we went under the Golden Gate bridge , leaving San Francisco Bay . blew the second engine on the other side of the international Dateline. A Missile tracking ship towed us back to Midway Island where we transferred to another Troop Ship Barret . 30 days to Vietnam , with three times crossing the International Dateline , we arrived at Quinhan
Andre Moreau
Jul 29 2016 20:01 PM Post #575
Location : Rockford

Years You served with 84th : 1974
Company or Attached Unit : Company C K-QUAD
Captain NAKAHARA, You SIR will always be remembered. And Steven and Mary Peterson. I wish I could find you.
Gene Hatcher
Jun 21 2016 6:18 AM Post #573
Location : USA Washington, Battle Ground

Years You served with 84th : 1969 to 1970
Company or Attached Unit : 536th
Frank Howard, this is Gene Hatcher. I remember you and was there the same time, having trouble with this email so please email me godofhorsepower@yahoo.com or call me 503-522-4314 I would like to talk very much
Ron Berelc
May 02 2016 17:56 PM Post #572
Location : Florida

Years You served with 84th : 1965-1966
Company or Attached Unit : C
Would like to talk to others that were there with me
Roger Collis
Apr 20 2016 21:08 PM Post #571
Location : LaFayette, Ga.

Years You served with 84th : 67-68
Company or Attached Unit : D Co.
Terry, Antonio, welcome Home. Good luck finding some of your ol' friends.
I found this site because my daughter found Richard Sharp on the inter net, now passed due to agent orange, cancer. I served with him and others in D Co. 84th Engr. Bn. 1967-1968.
Was blessed to go meet with some of them at the reunion 2 years ago. I wish more people used this site for messages to each other.
Terry Morrison
Apr 19 2016 7:27 AM Post #570
Location : Millersburg

Years You served with 84th : 1.2
Company or Attached Unit : 444th Engineer Det
new to site. Looking to talk to anyone who served in the 444th Eng Det in Anhkhe. Their were 28 of us in the origanal Det.
Antonio Hurtado
Apr 14 2016 5:49 AM Post #569
Location : Greeley, CO

Years You served with 84th : 1966-1967
Company or Attached Unit : Company A
It was good to come home. But I sure miss all my friends. All who made it back from Nam GOD BLESS THEM ALL AND TO THE PERSONNEL THAT ARE STILL FIGHTING FOR OUR BELOVED COUNTRY.
Roger Collis
Apr 11 2016 8:08 AM Post #568
Location : LaFayette, Ga.

Years You served with 84th : 67-68
Company or Attached Unit : D Co.
To all who returned to the USA on this date, 10 April 1968 from your "TOUR" of duty in Vietnam, welcome home Brothers.
Pray you are doing well.
P. Hauge
Mar 23 2016 1:17 AM Post #562
Location : New York

Years You served with 84th : 1965-66
Company or Attached Unit : 553rd ENGR. DET. (u)
Are there 2 units called 553rd ENGR. DET. (u) because I don't remember that we were attached to any other group, and this is the first time I've heard of the 84th Engineers.... BUT, maybe the 553rd ENGR. DET. (u) became attached later, after I flew back stateside?

Anybody know?
David evans
Mar 13 2016 20:09 PM Post #561
Location : eldorado

Years You served with 84th : 67-69
Company or Attached Unit : 84theng c CO first platoon sergeant
Would like to hear from the guys I think of all the men I worked with an had fun with
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