84th Engineer Battalion (Construction)
Association Viet Nam

Area of Operation 1

The following photos #1 - #6 (inclusive)were taken
in the Central Highlands, along Highway QL1:  (ID'd by Paul Bylin )













Ammo Dump putting in the roads 1966

290M at the Ammo Dump, So. of Qui Nhon. ( Bill Berg )


Ammo Dump ...Qui Nhon Engineer Castle at the top

RR Bridge at Tuy Hoa

An Khe Pass 1966

Down Town Qui Nhon..1966

HQ, A Co., and C Company, looking east toward Qui Nhon and the South China Sea. ( Gary Sivertson )  


Guard Post behind A Co.Mess Hall 1970
(Tom Ziegler)


Qui Nhon.....( Dan Braswell )

C Co. Motor Pool 1967 Camp Williams ( GeorgeStewart)

War damage...Qui Nhon 1968..( Jesse Muir )
Radio station captured during Tet of
'68. It took three days to clear the area of VC.

Qui Nhon fuel fire 1969...( Jesse Muir )

The 937TH.Group in
"Indian Country"
Photos taken by Richard Sharp of "D" Co. 84th. EBC.

Buon Me Thout,  South of Pleiku.

Convoy taking incoming fire.

{The above is a live fire photo }
The 4th. infantry division (Mechanized) laying down cover fire for the 937TH Group convoy during an attempted ambush.                                                  
     The convoy was  returning from  a Special Forces camp near Doc To witch over looks the borders of Laos, Cambodia and Viet Nam. 

These photos were taken between Kon Tum and
Dac To north of  Pleiku.    

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