84th Engineer Battalion (Construction)
Association Viet Nam

Area of Operation 2
first 6 pictures provided by Richard Sharp

Qui Nhon Area  

New Guys

Construction along Highway One

West of Qui Nhon, 1966/1967

Qui Nhon area



North of Buon Me Thout, South of Pleiku

Mine Sweeping at Tuy Hoa.1969             



290M at work at Tuy Hoa.....1969

Arvin Troops on patrol

Cam Rhan Bay

Quarry at Tuy Hoa

Rice Fields

Next 6 pictures provided by Dan Toomey

Members of the 84th and 173rd patrol and minesweep the road between QL 1 and Phu My

The NVA. blew the culvert on QL 1 Highway One) South of Bong Son and North of LZ. Uplift 

B Co. 536th Compound, NE to SE

  536th Compound HQ. is the closest building

84th EBC. Heli pad in Qui Nhon

Gun Truck at Bong Son ...1970 Twin 50's on rotating mounts with an M-60 that could be mounted each side.
The "Granny's Gang" is a take off from the old Playboy cartoon.

The next 3 pictures provided by John T. Clouse



Rifle Range behind "D" Co. Motor Pool..1966

Next 4 pictures provided by Ernest Guthery

Arvin Jeep..Song Cau

Co. B. Compound 68

The pass at the South End of Hwy 1 out of Qui Nhon

Supplys being delivered

Next pictures Provided by John Wagner 1971.... VC. Sapper Attack on the Qui Nhon Ammo Dump
Explosions of multiple artillery white phosphorus rounds





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