84th Engineer Battalion (Construction)
Association Viet Nam

Pictures submitted to Paul Farley
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The first 10 Pictures were submitted by
Bill Habig
from the 1965 - 1966 time frame
Thanks Bill

Main Gate

Million Dollar Mountain

Bill Habig & Roger Andrews

Bill Habig , Roger Andrews , Ector Atkinson

Bernard Redman

Richard Throm

Austin Pettit

Larry Hudson

Unknown, Sp5 Jenkins Welder??, Bill Habig

Second Platoon SSG

Pacheco, Menard,Sharp,Halverson La Porte

Darcy Zahn and his 290

Farley (Shotgun) ....... Boyer (Operator)

Ed  Halverson


Larry Ware



James Powers

Thomas  Ford

David Benway

Darcy Zahn

Darcy Zahn

Thomas Murphy



Can you help with his name?

Thomas Ford...... Richard Smith


Henry R .    


Richard  Sharp

Wayne Julian Hinton


Smitty Sgt.Victor Rosas

Halverson (Unknown Behind )





Paul Aguar

Coates ?

Left CWO. John T. Clouse..Right Jerry Smith?

2nd Plt. Ldr. Harder ?    







Left LT Terry D. Brush .. Right LT David Mc Goueran                                     

Thomas Greer

Ford and Pirnat


Risher and Sharp

David Lewis   


Wayne Dadswell


Capt. Tate// Co. of D Co . 1967?

Sgt. Searcy

Owens R.E.            

Bill Sanders (Left)

Ronald Villa 

Villa, Stiles,(Frenchie) Menard Carr

Tom Pirnat

Richard Wallner  (left) Halverson (Center)

Sgt. Smith

Richard (Rick) Wallner

Wayne J. Hinton 66 - 67
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