84th Engineer Battalion (Construction) Vietnam

Qui Nhon - Operation Duke - Da Nang - Phu Bia - LZ Baldy

This website represents the Memories of those Men who served with the 84th in the Republic of Vietnam

For those who fought for it Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know

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Thanks go out to Clifton Felts

D Company 67

   I got to the 84th early march 67 I had been there about a week when they sent D Company to the Qui Nhon Airport to help secure it and keep it open. We were there about a week I think. A while later we moved South of Qui Nhon to a village on RT1.There was a ROK outpost about ½ way up the mountain on the right. We used the same entrance and went left and up above them, and leveled off a compound with a chopper pad. We built it in 3 days and 3 nights, nonstop until it was done. We operated from this place for the rest of 67. Some of the things we did was blowup 7 bridges and put in culverts by biger bridges, we built several metal bldg on concrete pads 50 x 100 feet poured with wheel borrows. We also widened RT 1 over the mountain to Qui Nhon. After we made it 2 lane we helped asphalt it and I ran the paint sprayer in a trailer pulled with a jeep to paint the double yellow line across the mountain.At some point after Christmas 67 200 of us with combat engineer training were taken out of the 84th and made B Co 589th combat engr and sent to LZ uplift north of Qui Nhon RT1 I was an E5 when I left the 84th.

Boyles on Right Salsa on Left

Felts sitting in Truck

Left Berkey Felts Right

Buildings we built


Pouring concret pads Hill is on the Right


Left Felts Right Boyles


Gongalises Pascoe and Felts

Andy Left Felts Center Bozo Right

D Company 1St Platoon
I'm on thright in a white t-shirt (Ron Villa) next is Francie,Pitta,in the middle kneeing down is Sgt.Martin next is Carr. Ron Villa

The Quary Pulled Guard duty for a week when it was your turn

Felts on Right