84th Engineer Battalion (Construction)
Association Viet Nam

Thanks go out to
Gary F. Rice

Some of the Gun Trucks

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One of our Bn Gun Trucks, ‘THE DEVIL’S EXECUTIONER”  it provided convoy security and worksite security

A better view of the truck and its crew.

Gun Truck “LOVE BUG” it provided much needed work site security while we were laying POL pipeline north of Qui Nhon

Another photo of “LOVE BUG”

Another photo of “LOVE BUG”

Another photo of “LOVE BUG”

Another photo of “LOVE BUG”

What is left of buildings used as an ambush site, OUR GUN TRUCKS ‘THE DEVIL’S EXECUTIONER” AND ‘HO CHI MIN’S COFFIN” totaled this site in nothing flat.

VC grenades used to Booby Trap a culvert work site on QL 1 near Tuy Hoa

Bailey Bridge that had been mined with a booby trap, we lost  good man trying to disarm it, it was command detonated while he was trying to disarm it

Check point after an RPG attack about three mils south of Tuy Hoa North Field.

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