84th Engineer Battalion (Construction)
Association Viet Nam

Thanks go out to
Gary F. Rice

There are over 200 photos in this collection and are from Qui Nhon, Tuy Hoa, Northfield, and Bong Son.
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Working on QL 17

Microwave Site

Metal POL tank after RPG attack, taken from 84th BN HQ /S-4 yard

One of several crash sites on mountain behind 84th HQ in Qui Nhon, going towards beach/PX area


Field Chapel Services location unknown

Grunts on patrol

Repairing wire and/or setting claymores

BN HQ & S-4 Yard Qui Nhon

Monsoon muck at construction site  QL 1 north of Tuy Hoa (I think)

Says it all, Tuy Hoa

Says it all, Tuy Hoa

More sand bags to fill

B CO at Bong Son Driving Pilings

no caption needed, work on QL 1

Near Tuy Hoa City

Boom-Boom girl, If you need to ask I won’t Explain

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