84th Engineer Battalion (Construction)
Association Viet Nam

Thanks go out to
George Stewart
for all of these pictures from
Camp Williams, just outside of Qui Nhon.

The one "GFS on 290M" is one where someone caught me after I finished working on repairing a 290.  I don't remember what I was doing, but judging from the exhaust stack I got it running!

The above image is one of C Company's Cat 830M's and one of our Clark 290M's on the road between Camp Williams and the Lake with the Ammo dump on the other side of the lake.  This was about June 1967

The above image is take at Camp Williams, June 1967.

An image that I took when we had to run some equipment over to Co A for a swap out.  Anyway, it is over at Co A's compound close to Phu Thai.

An image of one of the Company C mechanics (wish I could remember his name) hanging on the maintenance section's 3/4 ton at the new Company C shop building. It was a pretty neat building w/ a real concrete floor and a sheet metal roof the kept you kinda dry and more or less out of the sun.  It was build by one of the Company C construction platoons, but I don't remember if 1st platoon or 2nd platoon built it.


An image of Co C's vehicle parking area at Camp Williams.  Obviously, this was taken during the middle of the day when most of the equipment and vehicles were out at the job sites.

An image of some of Co C's equipment at Camp Williams.  The view is looking toward the main gate to the compound and the road into
Qui Nhon.

A black and white image of 84th EBC Headquarters Building (the real building w/ the sign on the roof) and Co C orderly room (the tent in the foreground of the image).  This is at Camp Williams and was taken about June 1967.

A black and white image of Company C's new shop building and 2 of our 5 ton dumps.  This is at Camp Williams and was taken about June 1967

Company C's welding shop.  Just to the left and out of this picture was our old maintenance tent and new maintenance building.
This photo was taken in June or July of 1967

One of Company C's mechanics checking out a new generator we just got in.  I cannot remember his name.  The location is with our new maintenance building and old maintenance tent in the background.  This was also taken in June or July of 1967.
This photo is one that I took on one of the few times I got into the town of Qui Nhon (not just out to a job site to fix some broken equipment). I think it was taken in the spring of 1967, probably April, May or June.

This is looking out the main gate at Camp Williams heading towards Qui Nhon.  The sign across from the guard shack reads, "City of Qui Nhon is ON limits.  Curfew is at ??00 hours."  I think this was taken in the spring or early summer of 1967.

Houseboys that worked cleaning our quarters, etc. in the compound at Camp Williams.  I do not remember any of their names, but I think the one on the right was the one that worked for the guys in Headquarters Platoon, Company C

One of our job sites in July of 1967.  It believe it is on the road we made going up the hill to the signal corps site.  I cannot read the number on the tractor for sure, but I think it is C56.  Does that sound like a good number for a tractor?  I cannot read the sign with the operators name either.  Any help with that?

Loading a 830M on a trailer.  I think this was when we were getting rid of the Cat 830's after we got the new Clark 290's.  I cannot tell who any of the guys are in the picture

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