Old Quarterly Reports

 Provided by Paul Bylin and After Action Reports Provided by Gerry Wessells for help in Submitting VA Claims  Download them in PDF Format (Large File Over 4 Megs)

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Former Members

View the names of former members of the 84th EBC. These names were taken from old orders and other documents by Paul Farley. These men have not joined the Association and we have no more information about them.

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For those who fought for it Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know

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Rich Kirchner returned home in July 2013 after working with a JPAC team in the area he designed while stationed in Vietnam. He was with both the 27th and 84th Engineers

Operations Reports Supplied by
Dennie L. Pendergrass

Historian 589th Engineers 

Operation Duke

The 19th & the 84th worked together on quite a few projects in Vietnam. COL. Nolan C. Rhodes who was a soldier's - soldier is honored to have his photo's and story of Operation Duke posted on the 84th website

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By-Laws & Constitution

The name of the parent association shall be the 84th Engineer Battalion Association (Vietnam), also known as the 84th EBC Association The name is subject to change with the approval of the Board of Directors.

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