84th Engineer Battalion (Construction)
Association Viet Nam

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Thanks go out to
Glayron for these Pictures from Qui Nhon
I was in QuiNhon from June 66 to May 67.  The nature of being the Chaplain's Assisant took me to Orphanages and the Leper Colony quite often.

An Khe 1st Cav Headquarters where B Company provided support to the 1st Cav

Chinook - An Khe 1st Cav

"Flying Crane" - An Khe 1st Cav

Caribou - An Khe or Bong Son

SP4 Faries - An Khe Pass - very beautiful scenery. Could be dangerous too.

Bob Hope Show - 1966 Qui Nhon. with Anita Bryant, Phylis Diller, Joey Heatherton, Miss Universe, Korean Kittens, Rev. Billy Graham

Bob Hope Show - 1966 Qui Nhon Audience

Bob Hope Show - 1966

Bob Hope Show - 1966

Nun from Orphanage brought the Orphans for Christmas Dinner. LTC Rank in front

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