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Thanks go out to
Glayron for these Pictures from Qui Nhon
I was in QuiNhon from June 66 to May 67.  The nature of being the Chaplain's Assisant took me to Orphanages and the Leper Colony quite often.

Old Orphanage in Qui Nhon - April or May 1967

SP4 Suchala with a cute little girl in the Orphanage in Qui Nhon


Girl playing with dead mouse at Orphanage in Qui Nhon

Children in Orphanage in Qui Nhon - notice the cracks in the wall behind them

Child in bed in old Orphanage in Qui Nhon - April or May 1967

New Orphanage being built in Qui Nhon

New Orphanage in Qui Nhon being built in May


I just thought of another picture I had and attached it.  Some of you may have had something to do with this building at the Leper Colony.  The qualify of this slide wasn't very good so the image is not real clear.  However, I think the sign says "Elks Lodge No 1977  Endicott, New York ???"  I can't make out the symbol in the middle, but  beneath it says "Headquarters Company 84th Engr BN"   The building was there the first time I went some time in late 1966 so I don't know anything about the orgin of the building or why the sign is on it.  I tried to contact the Elks Lodge in Endicott a couple of years ago, but noone responded to my emails or my phone calls.  I made the assumption they weren't interested. 
The Leper Colony was georgous.  As beautiful and clean as any place I have ever seen.  In the midst of all the turmoil around us, it was a very calming place.  No hustle, no bustle, just quiet and serene.  I used to love to take them donations that we received (and we did receive a lot of stuff which we split mostly between the Leper Colony (adult stuff) and the Orphanage(kids stuff)).  They loved getting anything and I loved to go set on the beach for awhile.  Dave, you are right, the nuns would give you a coke to drink, but they were always hot. 


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