84th Engineer Battalion (Construction)
Association Viet Nam

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Thanks go out to
Glayron for these Pictures from Qui Nhon
I was in QuiNhon from June 66 to May 67.  The nature of being the Chaplain's Assisant took me to Orphanages and the Leper Colony quite often.

Local Kids in Qui Nhon

Mommason carrying wood near Qui Nhon

Refuge area in Qui Nhon

US Forces Chapel Center and ROK MP Station in Qui Nhon. The lady turned her umbrella just as I took the picture.

Locals in Qui Nhon. Notice C ration box as the siding of the house.

Locals in Qui Nhon

SP4 Faries and SP4 Carey at Cam Rahn Bay going to Malaysia on R&R

Mine found on Hwy 1 between Qui Nhon and An Khe being detonated by ROK

Hole left by detonated mine. I was following the tanker in my jeep. Glad they found that one.

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans performing in Qui Nhon

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